Hunter Labrada Shares His Pull Exercise 16 Weeks Earlier than the 2023 Tampa Professional

IFBB Professional League Males’s Open bodybuilder Hunter Labrada is prepping for 2 reveals in 2023 season previous to the 2023 Olympia in November. He kicks off his season on the Tampa Professional on the weekend of Aug. 3-5, and intends to enter the Texas Professional on the weekend of Aug. 19. That provides the second-generation competitor not less than two alternatives to qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest, scheduled for Nov. 2-5, 2023, in Orlando, FL

Labrada has brazenly shared his prep with followers and followers, as he did on a latest pull session exercise printed on his YouTube channel on Might 8, 2023. He was 16 weeks out of the Tampa contest when that exercise was filmed. Test it out under:

This was the primary exercise of Labrada’s contest prep. His again and hamstrings had been the main focus of this exercise. The volume for his first few coaching classes throughout this prep is increased than he’s usually accustomed to and can lower the quantity as the competition approaches.

Seated Machine Row

Labrada began with a Rogers model seated row machine. His heaviest set was with 5 45-pound weight plates and a 25-pound plate on both sides. By the final set, he was all the way down to 4 45s per aspect. Parts of three units had been proven, with the ultimate one apparently a rest-pause set.

Why He Does It: Labrada began with a heavy rowing motion to assist develop again thickness, particularly in his lower lats. This helps him improve his general width and make his waist appear smaller.

Learn how to Do It: Sit on a machine and place your self so a stretch is important to grip the handles. Sit straight and tall with the handles in hand and arms outstretched. Pull the handles in towards the chest by contracting lats because the scapulae are depressed and engaged. Squeeze and maintain this place briefly earlier than easing the handles again to the beginning place. Enable the lats to stretch earlier than performing the subsequent rep. 

Impartial Grip Lat Pulldown

The 2021 Chicago Professional winner moved to a lat pulldown for his second train. He hooked up two single handles to a connecting bar and sat on an adjustable bench together with his chest towards the again pad. Parts of three units had been proven, however the fourth one was proven in its entirety. Labrada carried out 10 reps plus one assisted rep.

Why He Does It: Though Labrada pulled in a distinct route, his goal for the second motion was additionally the decrease lats. It’s probably he feels the necessity to carry up his decrease lats as a result of he devoted his first two actions of the session to them.

Learn how to Do It: Place an adjustable bench with the again pad on the very best place subsequent to a pulldown station. Seize the handles and sit on the bench with the chest on the again pad. Pull the deal with down in direction of your higher chest by contracting the lats.

Squeeze and maintain this place for a second earlier than releasing the strain slowly. There must be a stretch within the lats with out permitting the pinned weight to the touch the stack.

Excessive Seated Machine Row

Labrada’s third again motion was one other seated row however on a Magnum machine with a number of handles. He used two of them, with nearly all of the reps carried out with an underhand grip. This train biased the higher again.

Why He Does It: Labrada focused the higher lats, rear delts, and rhomboids, and his underhand grip allowed him to drag farther again.

Learn how to Do It: Sit on the machine and seize the handles with the popular grip. The arms ought to be capable of stretch whereas holding the handles with out the pinned weight touching the burden stack. Pull the handles in and contract by drawing the elbows again. After a quick maintain, permit the arms to return to the beginning place. Repeat for the specified reps.

Lat Pulldown Machine

Labrada’s fourth motion was just like his second because it was one other lat pulldown. He used an overhand grip whereas mendacity again at an angle and pulling in direction of his chest, biasing the mid-back.

Why He Does It: The Nautilus machine Labrada used focused his mid-to-upper again. That may be a very important space for muscle separation as a back double biceps pose for the judges is a requisite in competitors.

Learn how to Do It: If you happen to don’t have entry to a Nautilus machine, a conventional lat pulldown station will work. Sit with the knees underneath the knee pads whereas holding the handles for the machine or attachment if on a cable station. Drive the elbows down and pull the deal with in direction of the shoulders. Contract the higher again on the backside earlier than slowly returning to the beginning place. Repeat for the specified reps.

Mendacity Leg Curl

Labrada shifted focus to his hamstrings with the lying leg curl. The particular machine he used let him emphasize the portion of the rep nearer to peak contraction. Labrada highlighted three units; the heaviest weight used was one 45-pound plate and three 25s.

Why He Does It: Labrada needs denser, thicker hamstrings. Doing a paused contraction and managed destructive assist him management the burden.

“Not transferring the burden with the muscle is wasted vitality and put on and tear in your physique.”

Learn how to Do It: Lie face down on the bench and place the toes underneath the foot pad. The knees ought to connect with the pad on the machine. Bend the legs and raise the foot pad towards the glutes by contracting the hamstrings. As soon as on the high of the train, slowly return to the beginning place and repeat.


Labrada stated he’s been deadlifting usually for 4 months. He began pulling from blocks till he had the flexibleness to drag from the bottom. His heaviest weight was 224.4 kilograms (495 kilos). Parts of 5 whole units had been proven.

Labrada’s remaining set was with 206.3 kilograms (455 kilos). He wore a weight belt and used lifting straps to assist his grip.

Why He Does It: Deadlifts work the whole posterior chain, however Labrada appeared to bias his erectors and hamstrings due to his slower movement from the ground to near lockout. Because the train was final in his routine, he didn’t use as a lot weight.

Learn how to Do It: If you happen to’re utilizing a conventional stance as Labrada did, stand behind the barbell with the toes at shoulder-width. Bend the knees and decrease the higher physique to safe a grip on the bar. Bend the knees and place the bar as shut as potential to stack the shoulders over the ankles. Don’t permit the toes to maneuver, hold arms straight, and hold the chest up and proud with the shoulders again.

Hold the backbone and neck impartial after bracing earlier than the preliminary pull. Consider driving the toes via the ground when starting the ascent. As soon as the bar reaches the knees, consider driving the hips ahead to face tall with the burden. As soon as at lockout, flex the decrease again by bringing the hips ahead barely. Slowly decrease the burden again to the ground and repeat for the specified reps.

Pattern Again Exercise

A normal pattern exercise which you can strive is under.

  • Low Seated Row — 2-3 x 8-12
  • Impartial Grip Lat Pulldown — 2-3 x 8-12
  • Excessive Seated Row — 2-3 x 8-12
  • Lat Pulldown — 2-3 x 10-12
  • Mendacity Leg Curl — 2-3 x 10-12
  • Deadlift — 3-4 x 8-12

Labrada completed seventh on the 2022 Mr. Olympia, three spots under the place he positioned within the 2021 contest. Since he completed out of the highest 5 in 2022, he must win a professional present to qualify for the 2023 Olympia.

Labrada appeared assured he can win both or each the Tampa and Texas reveals to clinch his 2023 Olympia invite. He was the 2020 Tampa Professional winner, so he is aware of easy methods to carry out on that stage. If he competes within the Texas Professional, will probably be his debut in that contest.

Featured picture: @hunterlabrada on Instagram

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